Belgium & Nations Unveil Squads for Paris 2024 Olympic Hockey Tournament

Belgian men's field hockey team celebrating a goal during a match, with players hugging and smiling.

As the excitement for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games builds, national hockey teams are revealing their squads, showcasing a mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talents. The latest announcements from the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, and the USA promise thrilling matches and intense competition in the upcoming tournament.

Netherlands Men’s Squad

The Netherlands men’s hockey team has unveiled its squad, featuring notable inclusions and exclusions. HGC veteran Seve van Ass and reserve Floris Middendorp have been selected, signaling a blend of experience and promise. However, the absence of Kampong striker Terrance Pieters due to a recent knee injury is a significant blow.

Coach Jeroen Delmée reflected on the challenging decision-making process, highlighting the squad’s journey over the past three years. “It was a week for me in which I had to make the most difficult decisions of the past three years,” Delmée remarked. The team’s highlight so far is winning the European title in 2023, and they aim to build on this success in Paris.

Belgium Men’s Squad

Olympic champions Belgium have also announced their squad, with some surprising exclusions. Cedric Charlier, William Ghislain, and Maxime Van Oost will travel to Paris as reserves. Tanguy Cosyns did not make the cut, underscoring the squad’s depth.

Key players include goalkeeper Vincent Vanasch and defenders Van Doren, De Sloover, Boccard, Luypaert, and Hendrickx. The midfield will be controlled by Dohmen, Denayer, Wegnez, Kina, and Van Dessel, while the attack will be spearheaded by Van Aubel, De Kerpel, Boon, Onana, and Stockbroekx. Coach Michel van den Heuvel emphasized the team’s strength and readiness to defend their title.

New Zealand Men’s Squad

New Zealand’s men’s hockey team, led by captain Nic Woods, revealed a squad that balances experience and fresh talent. Veterans Hugo Inglis and Simon Child will participate in their fourth Olympics, joined by six debutants. Coach Greg Nicol emphasized the theme of “kotahitanga,” or unity, aiming to foster a team spirit that drives collective success. The squad’s new kit was presented by members of New Zealand’s gold medal-winning team from the 1976 Montreal Games, adding a historical touch to their preparations.

USA Women’s Squad

The USA women’s hockey team is heading to their first Olympics since 2016 with a squad full of debutants. Goalkeeper Kelsey Bing will lead the team, with Ashley Hoffman and Amanda Golini serving as co-captains. The young forward line includes Phia Gladieux, Ashley Sessa, Abby Tamer, Megan Valzonis, and Beth Yeager, promising speed and agility.

The midfield is a family affair, featuring sisters Brooke and Emma DeBerdine alongside Meredith Sholder and Maddie Zimmer. Defensively, Leah Crouse, Ally Hammel, Karlie Kisha, and Kelee Lepage will anchor the team. The absence of Jillian Wolgemuth due to injury is a notable setback, but the squad remains optimistic and focused.

Belgium Women’s Squad

Belgium’s women’s team, aiming for a strong performance in Paris, has announced a formidable 16-strong squad. Elodie Picard will guard the goal with a solid defense comprising Emma Puvrez, Vanessa Blockmans, Stephanie Vanden Borre, Lien Hillewaert, and Hélène Brasseur. The midfield features Alix Gerniers, Michelle Struijk, Barbara Nelen, Judith Vandermeiren, and Camille Belis.

The attack will be led by Charlotte Englebert, Ambre Balleghien, Justine Rasir, Delphine Marien, and Emily White. Reserves Aisling D’Hooghe, Abigail Raye, and Lucie Breyne are ready to step in if needed.

The Countdown Begins

As these squads prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the stage is set for a spectacular showcase of talent, strategy, and national pride. The blend of experienced players and fresh faces promises dynamic and unpredictable matches, keeping hockey fans around the world on the edge of their seats. Stay linked for more updates as the teams continue their preparations for the ultimate sporting showdown in Paris.