Endrick Height, Age, Stats, Girlfriend & Real Madrid

Close-up of Endrick Felipe in a green football jersey, with a serious expression during a match.

Endrick, whose full name is Felipe Moreira de Sousa, has quickly become a name to watch in football. This young Brazilian prodigy has caught the awareness of lovers and pundits alike with his exceptional skills and impressive performances.

Endrick Profile

Full NameEndrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa
Date of BirthJuly 21, 2006
Place of BirthBrasília, Brazil
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Current ClubReal Madrid
Youth CareerPalmeiras (2017-2022)
Senior CareerPalmeiras (2022-2023)
Real Madrid (2023-Present)
National TeamBrazil U17
Notable AchievementsCopa do Brasil (2020)
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (2022)
Playing StyleAgile, quick, excellent dribbling
StrengthsSpeed, finishing, ball control
Family BackgroundSupportive, football-loving family
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram and Twitter
Personal InterestsMusic, gaming, spending time with family
Future ProspectsPromising career with potential for further accolades

Endrick Born July 21, 2006, in Brasília, Brazil, Endrick’s journey to football stardom began very young. His passion for the sport was evident early on, and he started playing football in local youth clubs. Endrick’s talent did not go unnoticed, and soon, he found himself on the path to professional football.

Endrick Family Background

Family MemberDetails
ParentsSupportive and football-loving; father Douglas Sousa instrumental in early training
FatherDouglas Sousa; dedicated and involved in Endrick’s early football development
MotherSupportive and nurturing; actively involved in Endrick’s life and career
SiblingsYounger brother; close relationship, often played football together
Extended FamilyGrandparents, aunts, and uncles regularly attend matches and celebrate achievements
Family ValuesEmphasis on hard work, perseverance, and humility
Support SystemStrong network of encouragement and motivation from family
Influence on CareerFamily’s support and belief in his talent have been driving forces behind his success
Overall ImpactFamily background provides love, support, and values necessary for success

Endrick Height and Physical Attributes

Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
WeightApproximately 68 kg (150 lbs)
Body BuildAthletic and muscular
AgilityHigh agility, quick movements, and excellent balance
SpeedExceptional speed, crucial for his position as a forward
EnduranceHigh stamina, capable of maintaining performance throughout the match
StrengthStrong lower body, powerful shots and tackles
FootworkExceptional ball control and dribbling skills
Jumping AbilityGood vertical leap, effective in aerial duels
Injury HistoryMinimal, maintains good physical conditioning
Training RegimenIntensive training focused on speed, strength, and technical skills
Diet and NutritionBalanced diet tailored to athletic needs
Recovery PracticesRegular physiotherapy and recovery sessions
Overall Fitness LevelHigh, consistent with professional athletic standards

Endrick height is 1.73 meters (5 feet 8 inches), and Endrick’s height is typical for a forward. Endrick physicality recreates a crucial role in his gameplay. Despite not being the tallest player on the pitch, his agility, balance, and speed make him a formidable opponent. Endrick well-built physique and quick reflexes enhance his ability to maneuver through tight defenses and create scoring opportunities.

Endrick  Age and Career Beginnings

At just 17 years old, Endrick has made significant strides in his football career. Endrick early years were spent honing his skills in local youth academies, where he consistently outperformed his peers. Endrick dedication and hard work paid off when he caught the eye of scouts from Palmeiras, one of Brazil’s top football clubs.

Endrick  Early Career Highlights

Joining Palmeiras AcademyEndrick joined Palmeiras’ youth academy in 2017 at age 11, marking the start of his professional training.
Youth TournamentsExcelled in various youth tournaments, showcasing his talent and becoming a standout player.
First Youth ChampionshipPlayed a pivotal role in helping Palmeiras win a youth championship, highlighting his potential.
Recognition and AwardsGained recognition for his performances, earning awards and accolades at youth levels.
Senior Team DebutMade his senior debut for Palmeiras in 2022, impressing with his skill and maturity on the field.
First Senior GoalScored his first goal for Palmeiras’ senior team, cementing his status as a rising star.
Transfer to Real MadridSecured a high-profile transfer to Real Madrid, a testament to his potential and talent.
Brazil U17 National TeamSelected to represent Brazil at the U17 level, further showcasing his skills on an international stage.
Media AttentionAttracted significant media attention and comparisons to other football prodigies due to his impressive performances.
AdaptabilityDemonstrated the ability to adapt quickly to higher levels of competition, indicating a promising career trajectory.

Joining Palmeiras’ youth academy was a turning point for Endrick. Endrick quickly became a standout performer, showcasing his skill in various youth tournaments. Endrick remarkable performances earned him a spot in Palmeiras’ senior team, marking the beginning of his professional career. One of his notable achievements was leading the team to victory in the prestigious Copinha tournament, where he emerged as one of the top scorers

Endrick Stats and Performance

Full NameEndrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa
Date of BirthJuly 21, 2006
Current ClubReal Madrid
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Youth Career Goals165+ goals
Senior Career Goals10+ goals
Assists (Youth Career)50+ assists
Senior Career Assists5+ assists
Appearances (Youth)100+ matches
Appearances (Senior)20+ matches
Shots on Target75% accuracy
Dribbling Success Rate80% success rate
Pass Accuracy85% completion rate
Minutes Played (Senior)1500+ minutes
Yellow Cards3
Red Cards0
International Appearances15 matches (Brazil U17)
International Goals8 goals

Endrick statistics speak volumes about his abilities on the field. In his debut season with Palmeiras’ senior team, he recorded impressive goals and assists, contributing significantly to the team’s success. Endrick goal-scoring prowess and playmaking skills make him versatile and valuable. Here are some key stats from his early career

Endrick Real Madrid

Endrick transfer to Real Madrid was a significant milestone in his career. The Spanish giants saw his potential and invested significantly in securing his services. This move elevated his status and placed him on a global stage, allowing him to showcase his talents in one of the world’s most competitive leagues.

Endrick Impact on Real Madrid

Since joining Real Madrid, Endrick has made an immediate impact. Endrick debut performances have been promising, with flashes of brilliance that hint at his potential to become a key player for the team. Endrick versatility allows him to adapt to different playing styles, and his youthful energy injects a fresh dynamic into the squad. Endrick’s contributions could prove invaluable to Real Madrid’s quest for domestic and international glory as he continues to develop.

Endrick Personal Life

Endrick remains grounded and focused. Endrick supportive family background has always encouraged his passion for football. Endrick enjoys spending time with his family and friends outside of the sport and has a keen interest in music and video games.

Endrick Girlfriend

Endrick is currently in a relationship, although he prefers to keep his personal life private. His girlfriend occasionally appears on his social media accounts, where the couple shares glimpses of their time. Their relationship is a source of stability and happiness for the young footballer.

Endrick Social Media Influence

Endrick has a significant company on social media platforms, entertaining his fans and sharing updates about his career and personal life. His followers appreciate his authenticity and the behind-the-scenes look into his journey as a professional footballer. Media like Instagram and Twitter have become vital instruments for him to connect with his growing fanbase and promote his brand.

Endrick Public Perception and Media Coverage

Public Perception
TalentWidely regarded as one of the most promising young talents
Playing StyleKnown for his speed, dribbling, and finishing ability
ComparisonOften compared to great Brazilian forwards like Romário and Ronaldo
Media AttentionReceives significant media coverage in Brazil and Europe
Fan ReceptionHighly anticipated by Real Madrid fans
Youth AchievementsPraised for his performances in youth tournaments
ExpectationsHigh expectations for his development and impact at Real Madrid
Social MediaHas a growing presence and following on social media
EndorsementsExpected to attract major endorsements and sponsorships

The media has quickly recognized Endrick’s potential, often drawing comparisons to some of the greatest footballers ever. Public opinion is mainly positive, with many fans excited about his prospects. Media coverage tends to focus on his performances, transfer news, and potential to become one of the leading figures in football.

Endrick Future Prospects

Endrick future appears incredibly bright. Endrick early successes have laid a solid basis for what promises to be a stellar career. Endrick can achieve great things at Real Madrid and on the international stage with continued hard work and proper guidance. Fans and pundits will closely monitor his progress, eagerly anticipating his next moves.

Endrick journey from a young football enthusiast in Brasília to a rising star at Real Madrid is nothing short of inspirational. His height, age, stats, and personal life contribute to the fascinating story of a young man destined for greatness. As he continues to evolve and mature as a player, there is no doubt that Endrick will leave an unforgettable mark on the football world.