Excitement Builds for 2026 FIH Hockey World Cup Belgium and Netherlands Gear Up for Joint Hosting

Excitement Builds for 2026 FIH Hockey World Cup Belgium and Netherlands Gear Up for Joint Hosting

With the formal signature of the hosting agreement today, the 2026 FIH Hockey World Cup—which Belgium and the Netherlands will co-host—marked a historic turning point for international hockey. The ceremony, held at the Wagener Stadium in Amsterdam, was attended by key figures from the hockey world, including FIH President Tayyab Ikram, Dutch Hockey Association President Erik Klein Nagelvoort, CEO Erik Gerritsen, Belgian Hockey Association President Patrick Keusters, and CEO Serge Pilet. This event took place against the vibrant backdrop of the FIH Hockey Pro League matches, enhancing the anticipation for the next World Cup.

The FIH Hockey World Cup in 2026 will be a memorable occasion. It will combine both the women’s and men’s tournaments from August 14 to 30, 2026. This format is reminiscent of the successful 2014 World Cup in The Hague, which also featured both tournaments. FIH President Tayyab Ikram expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm, highlighting the significance of the World Cup as a global hallmark event where the best hockey athletes from around the world showcase their talent. Held every four years, the World Cup provides a platform for seasoned champions and emerging talents to shine.

The Dutch and Belgian hockey associations are equally enthusiastic about the event. KNHB President Erik Klein Nagelvoort expressed his excitement about hosting the combined World Cup together with Belgium, looking forward to two weeks of great hockey in a packed Wagener stadium. Nagelvoort emphasized the broader impact of the event, aiming to reach millions of existing and new hockey fans both in the Netherlands and around the world. Similarly, Hockey Belgium President Patrick Keusters shared his enthusiasm about the agreement, highlighting the significance of the new stadium in Wavre, which will host world-class hockey games.

The upcoming World Cup is expected to leave a lasting legacy in both host countries. The renovations at the Wagener Stadium in Amsterdam and the construction of the new stadium in Wavre are significant investments in the future of hockey. These venues will not only host the World Cup but also serve as important centers for hockey development and promotion for years to come. The collaboration between the Dutch and Belgian hockey associations sets a precedent for future joint ventures in the sport.

As the world eagerly anticipates the 2026 FIH Hockey World Cup, the excitement is palpable. Global fans are welcome to join in Belgium and the Netherlands to witness the incredible show that the local organizers are sure to put together. The event promises not only top-tier hockey but also the excellent hospitality of the host nations. FIH President Tayyab Ikram’s invitation is clear: come to see, admire, and cheer for your heroes, the outstanding athletes at the heart of our sport.

The 2026 FIH Hockey World Cup is set to be a landmark event in the history of hockey. With the official hosting agreement now signed, the journey towards an unforgettable tournament begins. Hockey fans worldwide can look forward to an event that will celebrate the sport, showcase exceptional talent, and create lasting memories. The Netherlands and Belgium are ready to welcome the world, and the world is prepared to witness hockey at its finest.