Hawks’ Offseason Options Star Guards and No. 1 Pick Scenarios

Hawks' Offseason Options Star Guards and No. 1 Pick Scenarios

The Atlanta Hawks are in a unique position this offseason. With star guards Dejounte Murray and Trae Young and the unexpected fortune of securing the top selection in the NBA draft in 2024, the Hawks have more options than any other team in the league. However, with financial constraints looming, the team will almost certainly make a significant move. Let’s delve into five potential scenarios, ranging from conservative to aggressive, and explore what each could mean for the Hawks’ future.

One possibility is trading Dejounte Murray. With Murray’s stellar performance last season, averaging 22.5 points, 6.4 assists, and leading the team in steals (1.4), he is a precious asset. Trading him would alleviate some financial pressure and bring in future assets. This move could help the Hawks rebuild while remaining competitive in the near term. The key would be to acquire a young player with significant potential who can develop alongside the team’s core. Freeing up cap space and adding future assets could provide flexibility for the Hawks. They could build around Trae Young and the No. 1 pick while staying under the luxury tax.

Another option is to trade Trae Young. This would be a seismic shift for the franchise. Young has been the face of the Hawks, but a trade could bring in a wealth of assets, setting the team up for a brighter future. This scenario would allow the Hawks to retool their roster around the No. 1 pick and other young talents, potentially creating a more balanced and financially sustainable team. This move would be a gamble but could provide long-term stability and a fresh start. The Hawks would be able to reshape their identity around new talent and future draft picks.

A third scenario involves trading the No. 1 pick. Doing so could bring immediate improvement to the Hawks by acquiring a proven star and future picks, allowing Atlanta to remain competitive while also planning for the future. The key is to find a star who fits well with the current roster and can elevate the team’s performance. This strategy would strengthen the Hawks in the short term and keep them competitive in the Eastern Conference, balancing immediate improvement with long-term planning.

The fourth and most aggressive scenario is to package Murray and the No. 1 pick for a superstar. This move aims to acquire a top-tier talent who can transform the team into a serious contender. While it sacrifices future potential, landing a superstar would make the Hawks a formidable team in the short term. This scenario relies on finding the proper superstar who complements the existing roster and fits the team’s style of play. This high-risk, high-reward strategy could catapult the Hawks into championship contention, generating excitement and significantly improving the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

Finally, the Hawks could keep both guards and the No. 1 pick. Maintaining the current roster while adding the top draft pick would be the most conservative approach. This would allow the Hawks to see how the new talent integrates with the existing core and assess their future options without making immediate drastic changes. This approach provides stability and the opportunity to develop the team’s chemistry. It also keeps all options open for future trades if needed.