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Ja Morant in a Memphis Grizzlies jersey making a gesture during a game.

Ja Morant Early Life and Background

Full NameTemetrius Jamel Morant
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1999
Place of BirthDalzell, South Carolina, USA
ParentsTee Morant (Father), Jamie Morant (Mother)
SiblingsTeniya Morant (Sister)
Father’s BackgroundTee Morant played basketball at Claflin University and semi-professionally overseas
Introduction to BasketballCoached by his father from a young age, practicing backyard drills and games
High SchoolCrestwood High School, Sumter, South Carolina
High School HighlightsAveraged 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists per game in his senior year
College RecruitmentDiscovered by a Murray State assistant coach during an AAU tournament
CollegeMurray State University
College Achievements– Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Player of the Year
– Led Murray State to NCAA Tournament
Major College PerformanceSophomore season standout; averaged 24.5 points, 10 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game
NBA DraftDeclared for the NBA Draft in 2019, selected second overall by the Memphis Grizzlies
Personal TraitsKnown for humility, strong work ethic, and connection with fans
Community InvolvementActive in charity events and community service

Ja Morant Real name is Temetrius Jamel Morant. Ja Morant born on August 10, 1999, in Dalzell, South Carolina. Ja Morant Dad Tee Morant, played semi-professional basketball and significantly influenced Ja’s development. Ja’s mother, Jamie Morant, was also an athlete, having played high school basketball and softball. This athletic lineage set the stage for Ja’s future success.

Ja Morant Sister

Ja Morant has a sister named Teniya Morant. She has been supportive of Ja throughout his basketball career, often sharing moments and updates about him on social media. If you’re looking for more detailed information about her, it’s best to check Ja Morant’s official social media profiles or credible news sources. Ja Morant mom is Jamie Morant. Ja Morant parents are supportive of Ja throughout his basketball career, with his father playing a significant role in his development as a player.Who is Ja Morant Wife ? Ja Morant is not married. Is Ja Morant Have Daughter ? Ja Morant does not have a daughter.

Ja Morant Height and Weight

Height6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters)
Weight174 pounds (79 kilograms)
Age24 years old (as of 2024)

How Tall is Ja Morant ? Ja Morant Height at 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) and weighs 174 pounds (79 kilograms). His height and agility allow him to excel as a point guard, giving him the versatility to score, pass, and defend effectively.

Ja Morant Hairstyle

HairstyleJa Morant typically sports medium-length dreadlocks.
His dreadlocks are often styled in various ways, including being tied up in a ponytail or bun.
He sometimes incorporates dyed tips or highlights, adding a unique flair to his look.
His hairstyle complements his on-court persona, reflecting his energetic and dynamic playing style.

Ja Morant hairstyle is as dynamic as his gameplay. Known for his braids, often styled in various creative ways, Ja Morant hair has become part of his unique brand and on-court persona. His hairstyles frequently make headlines and are popular among fans who admire his bold fashion choices. How old is Ja Morant ? What is Ja Morant age ? Ja Morant was born on August 10, 1999. As of now in 2024, he is 24 years old.

Ja Morant Stats

2019-20Memphis Grizzlies6730.
2020-21Memphis Grizzlies6933.519.
2021-22Memphis Grizzlies5834.326.
2022-23Memphis Grizzlies6335.
2023-24 (up to date)Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant sophomore season saw further improvement as he continued to develop his skills and leadership qualities. He led the Grizzlies to the playoffs, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure. His performances in the play-in tournament and the subsequent series against the top-seeded Utah Jazz demonstrated his growth as a player and a leader.

Ja Morant College Career at Murray State

CollegeMurray State University
Years Attended2017-2019
Freshman Year2017-2018
Freshman Year StatsAveraged 12.7 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game
Sophomore Year2018-2019
Sophomore Year StatsAveraged 24.5 points, 10.0 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game
Major AchievementsLed the NCAA in assists during his sophomore year (10.0 APG)
Recorded a triple-double in the NCAA Tournament against Marquette (17 points, 16 assists, 11 rebounds)
Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Player of the Year
NCAA Tournament PerformancesLed Murray State to a first-round upset victory over Marquette in 2019
Advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament
Awards and HonorsConsensus All-American (2019)
OVC Player of the Year (2019)
OVC Tournament MVP (2019)
Notable SkillsExceptional court vision and playmaking abilities
Explosive athleticism and scoring ability
Legacy at Murray StateRegarded as one of the greatest players in Murray State history
Elevated the national profile of Murray State’s basketball program
Declaration for NBA DraftDeclared for the 2019 NBA Draft after his sophomore season
Impact on the ProgramInspired future recruits and brought significant attention to Murray State
Coach’s PraiseMurray State coach Matt McMahon praised Morant’s work ethic, leadership, and transformative impact on the team

Ja Morant committed to recreating college basketball at Murray State University. In his first year, he averaged 12.7 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game, leading the Racers to the NCAA tournament. His impressive debut set the foundation for an even more remarkable sophomore season.During his sophomore year, Morant led the nation in assists per game and became the first player in NCAA record to average at least 20 points and ten assists per season. His standout performances, including a triple-double in the NCAA tournament, earned him national acclaim and solidified his status as a top NBA prospect.

Ja Morant Professional Career in the NBA

NBA DraftSelected 2nd overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2019 NBA Draft
TeamMemphis Grizzlies
Rookie Season (2019-2020)Averaged 17.8 points, 7.3 assists, and 3.9 rebounds per game
NBA Rookie of the Year
Named to NBA All-Rookie First Team
Led all rookies in assists
Second Season (2020-2021)Averaged 19.1 points, 7.4 assists, and 4 rebounds per game
Led Grizzlies to the playoffs
Notable performance in play-in tournament and playoffs against Utah Jazz
Third Season (2021-2022)Averaged 27.4 points, 6.7 assists, and 5.7 rebounds per game
Named to the NBA All-Star Game for the first time
Western Conference Player of the Week multiple times
Led Grizzlies to second-best record in the Western Conference
Fourth Season (2022-2023)Continued high performance, maintaining averages similar to the previous season
Another All-Star appearance
Further solidified his status as one of the league’s top point guards
Playing StyleKnown for explosive athleticism, highlight-reel dunks, and dynamic playmaking
Excellent court vision and passing ability
Strong defensive presence
Accolades and HonorsNBA Rookie of the Year (2020)
NBA All-Star (2022, 2023)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2020)
Notable PerformancesCareer-high 52 points against the San Antonio Spurs in February 2022
Numerous clutch performances and game-winning plays
Community InvolvementActive in community service and charity events
Engages with fans through social media and public appearances
Injury and RecoveryOvercame minor injuries with strong comebacks
Future OutlookExpected to continue developing into one of the NBA’s premier superstars
Aims to lead the Grizzlies to deeper playoff runs and potential championship contention

The Memphis Grizzlies selected Ja Morant second overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. His rookie season was nothing short of spectacular. Morant averaged 17.8 points, 7.3 assists, or 3.9 rebounds per game, making him the NBA Rookie of the Year award. His ability to drive to the basket, vision, and passing made him a fan favorite.

Since his debut, Morant has continued to elevate his game. In the 2020-21 season, he led the Grizzlies to the playoffs, highlighting his leadership and clutch performance in critical moments. Morant’s explosive dunks and highlight-reel plays have made him one of the most exciting players in the NBA.

Ja Morant News Today

Ja Morant News continues to make headlines with his performances and off-court activities. Recently, he has been involved in several community outreach programs, leveraging his platform to make a positive impact. His stellar play has kept the Memphis Grizzlies competitive in the Western Conference.If you’re looking for Ja Morant wallpapers, you can find high-quality images of him through various sources online.As of my last update, there have been no reports or indications of Ja Morant trade discussions or being traded to another NBA team. 

Ja Morant Memes and Pop Culture

Meme/Pop Culture ReferenceDescription
Ja Dunked on HimA popular phrase and meme referencing Ja Morant’s spectacular dunks over opponents.
Ja’s HandlesMemes showcasing Ja Morant’s exceptional ball-handling skills and crossovers.
Ja’s Rookie of the YearCelebratory memes and posts about Ja Morant winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award.
Posterized by JaMemes and reactions to Ja Morant dunking on defenders, often leading to viral videos.
Ja’s Buzzer BeatersMemes and highlights of Ja Morant hitting clutch shots at the buzzer.
Ja’s Rookie Season Highlights”Compilation memes and videos showcasing Ja Morant’s standout moments as a rookie.
Ja’s Alley-OopsMemes and gifs capturing Ja Morant’s alley-oop passes and finishes.
Ja’s Playoff Performances”Memes and reactions to Ja Morant’s standout performances in NBA playoff games.
Ja’s Social Media PresenceMemes and posts about Ja Morant’s engaging presence on social media platforms.
Ja’s Dunk ContestMemes and reactions to Ja Morant’s potential participation or highlights in dunk contests.

Ja Morant dynamic personality and expressive on-court celebrations have made him a famous subject of internet memes. His reactions and highlight plays often go viral, increasing his popularity. Memes featuring Morant typically capture his intense competitiveness, joy for the game, and occasional humorous moments. Ja Morant is physically fit there have been no recent reports of Ja Morant injury that have affected his playing time 

Ja Morant Personal Life and Philanthropy

Personal LifePhilanthropy
Birthdate: August 10, 1999Supporting Youth Programs: Ja Morant actively supports youth sports programs and provides opportunities for young athletes in underserved communities.
Birthplace: Dalzell, South CarolinaCommunity Engagement: He participates in community outreach events, including basketball camps, school visits, and charity events.
Career: NBA point guard for Memphis GrizzliesSocial Justice Advocacy: Morant uses his platform to advocate for social justice issues, including racial equality and police reform.
Family: Close-knit with strong parental supportCharitable Contributions: He has made significant donations to various charitable organizations and foundations, focusing on education, health, and youth empowerment.
Personality:Known for humility and positive attitude

Ja Morant is known to be very close to his family. His parents have been instrumental in his job, providing unwavering support and guidance. Morant’s off-court life is relatively private, but he is known to be in a committed relationship with KK Dixon, with whom he shares a daughter.

Ja.Morant is actively involved in charitable activities. He has launched initiatives to support underprivileged communities, mainly focusing on youth and education. His commitment to giving back to the community underscores his character and the values instilled in him by his family.

Ja Morant Playing Style and Skills

Playing StyleSkills
Explosive Athleticism: Known for his high-flying dunks and acrobatic finishes at the rim.Playmaking: Exceptional vision and passing ability, creating opportunities for teammates.
Agility and Speed: Quick first step and ability to change directions swiftly.Scoring Ability: Capable scorer from all three levels (inside, mid-range, and beyond the arc).
Ball Handling: Exceptional dribbling skills, able to navigate through defenses.Clutch Performer: Shows composure and delivers in crucial moments of the game.
Court Awareness: Strong understanding of spacing and positioning on the court.Defensive Impact: Active defender with the ability to disrupt passing lanes and defend multiple positions.
Leadership: Natural leadership qualities, motivates teammates and leads by example.Basketball IQ: High basketball IQ, reads the game well and makes smart decisions under pressure.

Ja Morant playing style blends speed, agility, and finesse. He excels in transition, often turning defensive rebounds into fast-break opportunities. His ability to change pace and direction keeps defenders on their heels, while his court vision allows him to make precise passes to open teammates.

Morant is also a tenacious defender, using his quickness and anticipation to disrupt opposing offenses. His competitive nature and relentless work ethic drive him to improve continuously, making him a formidable presence on both ends of the court.

Ja Morant Shoes

Ja Morant has a signature shoe line with Nike called the Nike Zoom Freak 3. These shoes are designed in collaboration with Ja Morant Nike, incorporating his style of play and personal preferences. They are popular among basketball enthusiasts for their performance features and distinctive design elements.

Ja Morant Contract

As of early 2024, Ja Morant is under contract with the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA. His specific contract details may vary based on extensions or renegotiations, but he signed his rookie contract after being selected as the 2nd overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Typically, NBA rookie contracts last for four years with team options for additional years. For the most current and detailed contract information, checking reliable sports news sources or the official NBA website would provide the latest updates.

Ja Morant Official Social Media

Ja Morant TwitterJa Morant on Twitter
Ja Morant InstagramJa Morant on Instagram
Ja Morant WikipediaJa Morant on Wikipedia

Ja Morant Rookie Card

Ja Morant Net Worth

Net WorthEstimated to be in the range of several million dollars, subject to fluctuation based on earnings.
AchievementsNBA Rookie of the Year (2019-20 season), NBA All-Rookie First Team (2019-20 season)
EndorsementsSponsored by Nike, known for his collaboration on the Nike Zoom Freak 3 basketball shoe

Ja Morant journey from a lightly recruited high school player to an NBA star is a story of determination, talent, and relentless work ethic. His height, weight, and unique hairstyle are just a few facets of his intriguing profile. As he continues to make his mark on the NBA, Ja Morant influence on and off the court is set to grow, ensuring his legacy as one of the game’s brightest stars. There have been no reports or incidents of Ja Morant suspension from playing in the NBA.