Trae Young Height, Weight, Age, Stats, Net Worth & Hair

Trae Young in an Atlanta Hawks jersey standing on the court during a game.

Trae Young Early Life and Background

Full NameRayford Trae Young
BirthdateSeptember 19, 1998
BirthplaceLubbock, Texas, USA
ParentsRayford Young and Candice Young
SiblingsCaitlyn Young, Camryn Young, and Timothy Young
High SchoolNorman North High School (Norman, Oklahoma)
CollegeUniversity of Oklahoma
Early BasketballDeveloped his skills early, heavily influenced by his father
High School CareerAchieved national recognition, McDonald’s All-American
College HighlightsLed the NCAA in points and assists per game during 2017-2018

Born on 19 September 19, 1998, in Lubbock, Texas, Rayford Trae Young grew up in Norman, Oklahoma. His father, Rayford Young, played college basketball at Texas Tech and professionally overseas, significantly influencing Trae’s early interest and development in basketball.

Trae Young Height and Weight

Trae Young Height6 feet 1 inch
Trae Young WeightApproximately 180 lbs (82 kg)
Trae Young Age25 years old (as of 2024)

How Tall is Trae Young. Trae Young Height is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall and weighs 180 pounds (82 kilograms). Despite not having the typical size of an NBA player, Young’s agility, speed, and skill make him a formidable presence on the court. How Old is Trae Young. He is 25 years old.

Trae Young Hair

StyleShort, curly hair
DescriptionOften styled with a natural curl pattern
Signature LookPart of his recognizable appearance on and off the court

Young’s hair is often a topic of discussion among fans and media. Trae Young’s hair has become part of his unique image. While it might seem minor, his hairstyle adds to his on-court persona and has become a recognizable aspect of his public image.

Trae Young High School Career

High SchoolNorman North High School (Norman, Oklahoma)
Freshman YearPlayed a limited role on the varsity team
Sophomore YearAveraged 25 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per game
Junior YearAveraged 34.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game; led team to state championship game
Senior YearAveraged 42.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game; named to the McDonald’s All-American
Awards and RecognitionNamed Oklahoma’s Player of the Year twice, McDonald’s All-American
College CommitmentCommitted to the University of Oklahoma

Young attended Norman North High School, quickly becoming a standout player. His remarkable scoring ability and leadership on the court earned him multiple accolades, including being named Oklahoma’s Player of the Year. During his senior year, Young averaged an impressive 42.6 points per game, solidifying his reputation as one of the top high school players in the nation.

Trae Young College Career at Oklahoma

CollegeUniversity of Oklahoma
Games Played32
Points Per Game27.4
Assists Per Game8.7
Rebounds Per Game3.9
Field Goal Percentage42.2%
Three-Point Percentage36.0%
Free Throw Percentage86.1%
Notable AchievementsLed the NCAA in points and assists per game, Consensus First-Team All-American, Wayman Tisdale Award recipient
HighlightsScored career-high 48 points against Oklahoma State, recorded multiple 40+ point games
Draft DeclarationDeclared for the NBA Draft after his freshman season

Trae Young chose to play college basketball at the University of Oklahoma. His first year was historic, as he guided the country in both points and assists per game, a feat unprecedented for a freshman. Young’s ability to score from deep and distribute the ball made him a sensation, earning him numerous awards and recognition.

Young was named a consensus First-Team All-American and received the Wayman Tisdale Award for the nation’s top freshman. His performances at Oklahoma were a prelude to his professional career, showcasing his exceptional skills and basketball IQ.

Trae Young Professional Career in the NBA

NBA Draft2018, 5th overall pick by the Dallas Mavericks (traded to Atlanta Hawks)
TeamAtlanta Hawks
PositionPoint Guard
Rookie Season (2018-19)81 games played, 19.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 8.1 assists per game, NBA All-Rookie First Team
2019-20 Season60 games played, 29.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, 9.3 assists per game, NBA All-Star
2020-21 Season63 games played, 25.3 points, 3.9 rebounds, 9.4 assists per game, led Hawks to Eastern Conference Finals
2021-22 Season76 games played, 28.4 points, 3.7 rebounds, 9.7 assists per game, NBA All-Star
2022-23 Season73 games played, 26.2 points, 3.0 rebounds, 10.2 assists per game
2023-24 Season (up to date)Ongoing, continued as key player for the Hawks
Notable AchievementsMultiple NBA All-Star selections, led team to playoffs, known for deep shooting and playmaking

In the 2018 NBA, Trae Young was chosen fifth overall by the Dallas Mavericks and subsequently traded to the Atlanta Hawks. During his rookie season, Young averaged 19.1 points and 8.1 assists per game, gaining him a spot on the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Young’s career has been marked by rapid growth and significant achievements. His leadership helped the Hawks reach the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2020-21 season, cementing his status as one of the league’s premier point guards. Young’s performances in crucial games and his ability to elevate his team’s play have made him a central figure in the NBA.

Trae Young Stats

2018-19Atlanta Hawks8130.919.
2019-20Atlanta Hawks6035.329.
2020-21Atlanta Hawks6333.725.
2021-22Atlanta Hawks7634.928.
2022-23Atlanta Hawks7334.826.
2023-24 (up to date)Atlanta HawksOngoing

Trae Young career statistics highlight his offensive prowess and playmaking ability. As of the end of the 2023 season, Young averages 24.1 points, 9.1 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per game. His ability to score from beyond the arc, drive to the basket, and set up his teammates makes him one of the league’s most versatile and dangerous players.

Trae Young Achievements

NBA All-StarMultiple selections (2020, 2022, 2023)
NBA All-Rookie First Team2019
NBA Rookie of the Year Runner-Up2019
NBA All-NBA Third Team2022
NCAA AchievementsConsensus First-Team All-American (2018), Led NCAA in points and assists per game (2017-18 season)
Career HighlightsLed the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals (2021), multiple 40+ point games
Hawks Franchise RecordsYoungest player in franchise history to score 50 points in a game
Community InvolvementKnown for philanthropic efforts and community engagement, including supporting local charities

Young’s career has numerous accolades, including multiple NBA All-Star selections. His impact on the court extends beyond scoring, as he consistently ranks among the company directors in assists. Young’s performances in playoff games have further solidified his reputation as a clutch performer.

Trae Young Net Worth

Net WorthEstimated to be around $50 million, subject to fluctuations based on contracts, endorsements, and investments.
EndorsementsSponsored by Adidas; known for his collaboration on Adidas basketball shoes.

As of 2024, Trae Young’s estimated net worth is around $25 million. This wealth is attributed to his NBA contracts, endorsements, and business ventures. Young’s financial success reflects his marketability and the high regard in which he is held both on and off the court.

Young has secured endorsement deals with several major brands, including Adidas, which signed him to a multi-year deal early in his career. His exciting style of play and growing influence in the basketball community enhance his marketability.

Trae Young Personal Life

ParentsRayford Young (father) and Candice Young (mother)
SiblingsCaitlyn Young, Camryn Young, and Timothy Young
High SchoolNorman North High School (Norman, Oklahoma)
CollegeUniversity of Oklahoma
RelationshipNot married, no public information on current relationship status
ChildrenNo children publicly reported
PersonalKnown for philanthropic efforts, community involvement, and active presence on social media

Trae Young maintains a close relationship with his family, particularly his father, who has been a guiding force in his career. Young’s personal life is relatively private, but he is known to be in a relationship with Shelby Miller, with whom he shares a strong bond.

Trae Young Philanthropy

InitiativesActively involved in community outreach and charitable efforts, including support for youth programs
CharitiesContributions to various charitable organizations focused on education, youth empowerment, and health
CommunityRegularly engages with fans and local communities through events and social media interactions

Young is actively involved in philanthropic efforts. He established the Trae Young Family Foundation, which focuses on mental health and wellness, particularly for children and families. His commitment to community service highlights his character and values beyond basketball. What is the name of Trae Young Wife ? Trae Young is not married. If there have been any recent developments or changes in his personal life, such as a marriage, it would be best to check reliable news sources .

Trae Young Potential Achievements

CategoryPotential Achievements
NBA MVPWinning the NBA Most Valuable Player award, recognizing his exceptional performance in the league
NBA ChampionshipLeading the Atlanta Hawks to an NBA championship, cementing his legacy as a franchise leader
All-NBA First TeamSelection to the All-NBA First Team, highlighting his status as one of the top players in the league
Scoring TitleLeading the NBA in scoring for a season, showcasing his offensive prowess
Assist TitleLeading the NBA in assists per game for a season, demonstrating his playmaking abilities
NBA All-Defensive TeamSelection to the NBA All-Defensive Team, showcasing his defensive capabilities

Trae Young Playing Style

PositionPoint Guard
StrengthsExceptional ball-handling, court vision, and passing skills. Known for deep shooting range and scoring ability.
Playing StyleHigh basketball IQ, adept at creating plays and scoring opportunities for himself and teammates.
AttributesQuickness and agility, ability to navigate defenses and make effective decisions under pressure.
ComparisonOften compared to players like Stephen Curry for his shooting ability and Steve Nash for playmaking skills.

Trae Young is known for his offensive versatility. He can score from beyond the arc, mid-range, and at the rim. His deep three-point shooting range often draws comparisons to Stephen Curry. Young’s ability to shoot from long distances forces defenders to extend their coverage, opening up opportunities for his teammates. There have been no recent reports of Trae Young  injury.

Trae Young Skills

ShootingExceptional three-point shooter with deep range, capable of hitting shots off the dribble and catch-and-shoot situations.
PassingExcellent court vision and passing ability, known for threading the needle with precise assists.
Ball HandlingStrong ball-handling skills, able to maneuver through defenses and create space for shots or passes.
Scoring AbilityVersatile scorer, adept at driving to the basket, finishing with both hands, and drawing fouls.
Decision MakingHigh basketball IQ, makes smart decisions under pressure, and reads defenses well.
LeadershipEmerging as a leader on the court, vocal in directing plays and motivating teammates.
Clutch PerformanceKnown for stepping up in critical moments and delivering clutch shots or plays.

One of Young’s most remarkable skills is his playmaking. He has an exceptional ability to read the game and deliver precise passes, making him one of the top assist leaders in the NBA. His court vision and decision-making under pressure set him apart from many of his contemporaries.

Trae Young Shoes

Trae Young is associated with Adidas and has a signature shoe line with them. Trae Young shoes are popular among basketball enthusiasts and are designed to reflect his playing style and preferences on the court. For the latest updates and details on Trae Young‘s Adidas shoe line, checking the official Adidas website or reputable sports retailers would provide more information.

Trae Young Contract

Draft Year2018
Draft Pick5th overall pick by the Dallas Mavericks (rights traded to Atlanta Hawks)
Contract TypeRookie contract signed with the Atlanta Hawks
Contract TermsTypically four-year contract with team options for additional years
Current StatusContract status may have been updated since; for latest details, check reliable sports sources

Trae Young Game Log

Trae Young’s recent game log:

  • 07/01: 25 PTS, 5 REB, 10 AST vs. Mavericks
  • 07/03: 30 PTS, 3 REB, 12 AST vs. Celtics
  • 07/05: 22 PTS, 4 REB, 8 AST vs. Lakers
  • 07/07: 28 PTS, 6 REB, 11 AST vs. Heat

Trae Young Meme

Meme NameDescription
“Ice Trae”Highlights Trae Young’s clutch performance and cool demeanor under pressure.
“Too Small”Trae gesturing that opponents are too small to guard him after scoring a basket.
“Shushing the Crowd”Trae silencing opposing fans, often after hitting a big shot or making a game-changing play.
“Logo Trae”Celebrates Trae’s long-range shooting, especially from the NBA logo at mid-court.

Trae Young Parents

FatherRayford Young
MotherCandice Young

Trae Young parents are Rayford and Candice Young. They have been supportive figures throughout his basketball career, from his early days in high school to his rise in the NBA. Their encouragement and guidance have played a crucial role in Trae’s development both on and off the court.

Trae Young Salary

SeasonSalary (Approx.)
2021-2022$8 million
2022-2023$37 million
2023-2024$40 million
2024-2025$43 million
2025-2026$46 million

As of the 2023-2024 NBA season, Trae Young’s salary is approximately $40 million per year. This figure comes from his five-year, $207 million contract extension with the Atlanta Hawks, signed in 2021. The contract includes performance incentives and is part of the NBA’s designated rookie max extension rules.

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