He ought to bring the gold home Said Vidya the brother of Vivek Sagar Prasad ahead of the Olympics in Paris

He ought to bring the gold home Said Vidya the brother of Vivek Sagar Prasad ahead of the Olympics in Paris

New Delhi, 5th July 2024 With less than 25 days remaining until the highly anticipated Paris Olympics 2024, excitement is reaching a fever pitch in Vivek Sagar Prasad’s household. His family eagerly awaits the hockey star’s participation in his second Olympic Games, hoping he will return with a Gold medal.

In the most recent Hockey Te Charcha episode, Familia—a unique series launched by Hockey India ahead of the Olympic Games—we delve into the support systems at home that enable Indian hockey stars to pursue their dreams. Vidya Sagar Prasad, the elder brother of dynamic midfielder Vivek Sagar Prasad, offers a glimpse into Vivek’s journey from a passionate young player to an international sensation.

Vivek, a pivotal member of the Indian Men’s Hockey Team, has been an inspiring presence on the field since his debut in January 2018. At 17 years, ten months, and 20 days, he became the second youngest player ever to debut for India.

During the heartfelt discussion, Vidya Sagar Prasad shared insights into Vivek’s journey from a passionate young player to an international star. He recounted the early challenges Vivek faced, including the initial lack of support from their father, a school teacher who envisioned a more traditional career path for his son. Vidya, an engineer by profession, played a crucial role in nurturing Vivek’s hockey aspirations, often mediating between his brother’s dreams and their father’s concerns.

From the start, Vivek showed an incredible passion for the game, Vidya recalled. He would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to practice, even if no one else was around. Convincing our father to let him pursue hockey was not easy, but we believed in his dream.

Despite significant hurdles, including a career-threatening injury in 2016, Vivek’s resilience and dedication saw him rise to prominence, earning titles such as the FIH Rising Star of the Year 2019 and FIH Young Player of the Year in 2020 and 2021. Vidya recounted the emotional period of Vivek’s recovery and the family’s collective effort to keep his spirits high.

Vivek’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, said Vidya. His willpower and positivity during his recovery were incredible, and the support from our family, especially from our mother and the guidance of his coach, Ashok Sir, were instrumental in his comeback.

Vidya also shared touching moments from their family life, highlighting their mother’s pivotal role. Our mother’s belief in Vivek was unwavering, he said. She would wake up at 3 or 4 to pray for him and the team. Her faith and prayers have been a constant source of strength for all of us.

The Prasad family is excited and proud as Vivek prepares for his second Olympic Games. Vidya expressed their hopes for the Indian team to aim for gold, reflecting the collective aspiration of the entire nation.

We are all very proud of Vivek, Vidya added. His dedication and hard work are inspiring. We hope the team can build on their successes and achieve even greater heights in Paris. The entire nation is behind the team, and I want them to bring home the Gold medal.

The family’s story also touched on the broader impact Vivek’s success has had on their community. People recognize us as Vivek’s family wherever we go,”Vidya shared. It’s a proud moment when local functions and events honor him, and seeing how far he has come feels surreal.

Vidya concluded with a message for Vivek’s fans and aspiring young athletes: Stay disciplined, work hard, and keep a positive mindset. If you have these qualities, you will achieve great things. Vivek is living proof that with dedication, dreams do come true.