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Babar Azam Profile – Stats, Career, Centuries Updates

Babar Azam

Babar Azam, born on October 15, 1994, in Lahore, Punjab, is a cricket sensation from Pakistan. Known for his incredible batting skills, he’s a right-hand batsman who has captivated the cricketing world with his talent. Hailing from Lahore, Babar Azam made his mark early in his career and swiftly rose through the ranks. His style and technique at the crease are admired by fans and experts alike.

Babar Azam’s Playing Style

  • Batting Style: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling Style: Right-arm off-break

Exploring Babar Azam’s Career Trajectory

Early Years and Breakthrough in Cricket

Babar Azam’s cricket journey commenced in the bustling streets of Lahore, Pakistan. His love for the game blossomed at a young age, honing his skills in local matches and school tournaments. It was evident early on that Babar possessed an exceptional talent with the bat. His dedication and passion propelled him through the ranks, catching the eye of selectors as he showcased his prowess in domestic cricket.

Rising as a Global Cricketing Phenomenon

Babar Azam’s ascent as a global cricket sensation Highlights his exceptional skill and steadfast dedication. From dazzling innings in domestic leagues to commanding performances on the international stage, Babar has captivated cricket enthusiasts worldwide. His elegant strokes and consistent gameplay have set him apart, earning accolades and admiration from fans and experts alike.

Babar Azam’s Captaincy Journey

Babar Azam’s elevation to a captaincy in October 2019 marked a critical moment in his career. Taking the reins of Pakistan’s cricket team, Babar stepped into a leadership role with determination and grace. His approach as captain reflected a blend of strategic thinking and a collaborative spirit, earning respect from teammates and fans. Under his guidance, the team witnessed a shift, embracing a fresh vision and demonstrating resilience on the field. 

Babar Azam’s Test Cricket

Babar Azam’s prowess in Test cricket reflects a mastery beyond his years. His approach to the most extended format of the game is marked by finesse and resilience. With a solid technique and an eye for precision, he navigates the challenges of Test matches with grace. His ability to anchor innings and build partnerships showcases his maturity as a batsman. Babar’s Test career has seen him confront formidable bowling attacks with composure, earning crucial runs under pressure.

Babar Azam Career Stats

Batting & Fielding

List A18117720864515855.06996286.77295081174770


List A18129633555122/202/2046.255.2652.7000

Records of Babar Azam

T20 Internationals

  • Fastest to 1,000 runs in T20Is for Pakistan (26 innings).
  • The most runs in T20 for Pakistan (2020).

ODIs (One-Day Internationals)

  • Fastest to 1,000 runs as ODI captain for Pakistan (21 innings)
  • Youngest Pakistani batsman to score 1,000 runs in a calendar year in ODIs (2019).
  • Most runs in a series by a captain (1454) One-Day Internationals
  • Most hundreds in a series (6)
  • Fastest Asian batsman to reach 3000 runs in ODI cricket (68 innings)


  • Fastest to 1,000 runs in Tests for Pakistan (17 innings)
  • Highest batting average in Tests for Pakistan after 15 matches (52.82)
  • Most runs by a Pakistani batsman in a series in Australia (390 runs, 2019-20)

Babar Azam’s story in cricket is amazing! He started in Lahore and now he’s a big star in cricket worldwide. He’s great in Test matches, One-Day games, and T20s too. Babar has broken lots of records because he’s an awesome batsman. He’s made fans everywhere with his cool style of playing. Babar Azam is like a hero in cricket, and there’s still lots more he’s going to do in the game!

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