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Shah Khawar assumes additional responsibilities as PCB head

Shah Khawar

In big news at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Shah Khawar takes charge after Zaka Ashraf left. People wondered who would lead cricket affairs in the country after Zaka Ashraf’s departure. Now, Shah Khawar, already the Chief Election Commissioner, is taking on more responsibilities to guide the PCB through a period of change.

The decision for Shah Khawar to take charge comes as part of a well-thought-out transitional process to ensure seamless operations until a new governing body is appointed. This strategic move is crucial for maintaining stability and continuity in managing Pakistan’s cricketing activities.

One of Shah Khawar’s primary responsibilities will be overseeing the upcoming PCB elections, wherein he will play a key role in forming a new Board of Governors (BOG). This step is designed to uphold transparency and accountability, allowing stakeholders to actively engage in the electoral process and contribute to shaping the future of Pakistan cricket.

The decision to appoint Shah Khawar as the interim leader indicates a commitment to transparency and accountability within the PCB. The focus on a fair electoral process underscores the importance of stakeholder involvement, ensuring that the cricketing community actively determines the direction of Pakistan cricket.

As Shah Khawar assumes these added responsibilities, cricket enthusiasts and stakeholders are now closely monitoring the developments. The transition is expected to change the PCB’s operations, and Shah Khawar’s interim leadership will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of cricket in Pakistan. As the cricketing community eagerly awaits the outcome, one thing is certain, change is on the horizon for the PCB under Shah Khawar’s guidance.

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