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Shaheen says he Respects Babar as the Returning Captain

Shaheen says he respects Babar as the returning captain

The Pakistan cricket team’s captaincy has quickly changed, with Shaheen Shah Afridi being replaced by Babar Azam. Despite being newly deposed, Afridi expressed honor in leading the team even on the day of his replacement. He mentioned his duty to support Azam, as both share the same goals.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) confirmed that Afridi’s one-series stint as T20I captain had ended, and Azam was reinstated as T20I and ODI captain. The public process led by PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi didn’t support Afridi, leading to this decision. To mend any strain in team relationships, the PCB released a statement with both Afridi and Azam expressing support for each other, aiming to move past the saga.

Afridi mentioned he would cherish the memories and the opportunity to lead. He supported Azam and emphasized their goal of making Pakistan the best team globally. Azam appreciated playing under Afridi’s captaincy during the New Zealand series and highlighted Afridi’s continual growth as a player and leader. He promised to consult Afridi for essential decisions, valuing his strategic understanding of the game.

The PCB explained the captaincy change to manage Afridi’s workload and ensure his long-term performance. They acknowledged Afridi’s talent as a fast bowler but prioritized his rest and rotation to prevent injuries. Afridi will remain part of the leadership group moving forward despite the change.

Afridi was replaced by Azam as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Afridi respected the decision and pledged support to Azam. The PCB explained the change to protect Afridi’s health and ensure his continued success as a fast bowler. Afridi will still be involved in team leadership.

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