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UAE is Checking if Usman Khan Broke his Contract Meant for Pakistan

UAE is Checking if Usman Khan Broke his Contract Meant for Pakistan

The Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) is looking into whether Usman Khan’s choice to say he wants to play for Pakistan breaks his contract with the UAE board.

Sources say the ECB is checking to see if Usman broke his contract not just with the board but also with other leagues in the UAE, like the ILT20 and T10.

The review’s decision, expected in the next two weeks, could be significant for Usman. He might get banned from playing league cricket in the UAE, where he earns the most money from cricket right now.

If they find he broke his contract, it could also affect his work permit. He needs that to live in the UAE long enough to be able to play cricket for them internationally. He still has 14 months left before he meets that requirement.

Usman thinks he didn’t break any rules because his contract lets him leave with a 30-day notice. But he’s ready to accept whatever punishment the ECB gives him. He couldn’t resist the chance to play for Pakistan when they asked him after the PSL.

The PCB asked Usman if he still wanted to play for Pakistan, and he said yes. He joined Pakistan’s training camp on Sunday, and they’re considering putting him in the team for a T20I series against New Zealand next month.

In an interview before the PSL final, Usman didn’t seem too keen on playing for Pakistan. He talked about how easy it is for UAE players to get permission to play in leagues worldwide and how it’s good to be seen as a local player in UAE leagues. But things changed quickly.

Since Usman has yet to play international cricket for either country, both Pakistan and the UAE want him. The ECB’s review shows they won’t let him go without a fight.

Usman has to choose between playing in big tournaments like the T20 World Cup with Pakistan or staying in the UAE, where he makes a lot of money playing T20 cricket. Right now, it looks like he’s choosing Pakistan, but a lot depends on what the ECB decides.